All classes are held at the spacious Peaseblossom Floral Studio at 1933b 10 Avenue S.W. to ensure physical distancing. For everyone’s safety, we’ll encourage participants to bring tools and materials. Please CONTACT US for more details about supply list and tools. Sign up for classes by calling us or under the shop tab online.

Once registered, all participants receive a 10% discount on class materials.


Beautiful Botanicals(1 class) $85 Supplies included

Cyanotype is a photographic process that creates the hallmark cyan blueprint, developed in 1842 by English Astronomer Sir John Herschel. In this workshop we will learn to use science and sunlight to create a unique botanically patterned fabric, sometimes with natural colour surprises.

Using dry florals from Peaseblossom Studio, you’ll “print” your unique botanical design on vintage linen fabric (included) and stretch your masterpiece onto a frame, ready to display on the wall.


Embroidery 101 for Beginners

$65 Supplies included.

Have you ever found yourself gazing at colours of embroidery floss and felt the pull of inspiration? Embroidery 101 is the class to learn how to use these pretty palettes to express yourself. In one morning we’ll start a cute floral sampler to practice seven different embroidery stitches that are suitable to outline and fill, make lettering or experiment with different textures. We’ll provide the embroidery floss, all you have to do is choose which colours inspire you!


Visible Mending Two sessions:  $125

Whether you're looking for a fun way to keep wearing your favourite jeans or sweater as they get better with age, to create a family heirloom, or to challenge capitalism, visible mending is a wonderful way to celebrate garments and household textiles! During the first class, we'll look at repairing woven materials - jeans, linens, or button-down shirts. In the second class, we'll look at repairing knits - sweaters, blankets, or tee shirts. Bring an item in each week that you hope to repair, or request samples to help you get confident before you take the plunge on that precious textile. This workshop will provide you with some basic knowledge for continuing your mending - it is unlikely you will finish mending your garments within the class time. Experience with hand-sewing and embroidery is an asset but not a requirement.


Japanese Stab-Stitch Book Binding  $25

Learn to make elegant hand-bound books! This ancient technique is great for creating journals, sketchbooks, or a way to join handmade papers and other ephemera into art books you can keep for yourself or use as thoughtful gifts! We will show you two stitch patters and provide resources to explore further stitching options.


These three classes may be taken independently, or consecutively for sewists of any level who want to expand their skills.


TOTES 1: The Basic Tote
 (1 class) $65 (+ Supplies. Pattern included).

A hand-crafted tote bag will make a lovely holiday gift for your favourite friend. In this 3 hour class, you’ll make a personalized tote bag. You’ll learn to make a sturdy, weight-bearing handle, add a custom pocket for your phone, and practice pressing techniques for a polished result. Bring a fabric from your stash to make your tote bag even more special. Requires 0.7 metre canvas weight material and matching thread.

TOTES 2: The Patchwork box-bag
(1 class) $65 (Supplies included)

This class is for anyone who can sew a straight line and wants to expand their basic sewing skills, and is especially great for sewists who need a break from sewing masks or knitters who want to become #bicraftual. You’ll charm your knitting pals with a gift-worthy project pouch this Christmas.

In this class you’ll make a custom and cute box-bag out of scrap fabric, we’ll provide scraps, or you may bring your own. A box-bag is perfect for carrying toiletries, craft projects or anything you need to keep organized. In one class, you’ll begin to speak like a sewist as you become fluent in the sewing vocabulary as you practice basting, top-stitching and piecing. You’ll master working with small pieces of fabric and overcome your irrational fear of installing a zipper!

TOTES 3: The Advanced Tote
(2 classes) $ 125 (+ Supplies. Pattern, interfacing and zippers included)

This is our equivalent of the tote masterclass for advanced beginner sewists who want to extend their sewing skills and fine-tune a detailed project from a pattern. Over two classes you’ll work from a pattern and learn about the importance of basting your work. We’ll share the tips and tricks to use common downloadable patterns for a new project. The advanced tote requires attaching an oval bottom and interfacing for a unique structure. Plus you’ll have hands-on practice working with multiple layers of fabric as you line your custom bag like a pro. Also: 2 zippers!


Zen and the Art of Sewing Machine Maintenance:

$65 Supplies included (see description)

Do you have a vintage sewing machine or are you thinking about buying one? This workshop is for you. Learn how to do basic maintenance (cleaning, oiling, greasing) to keep your machine running perfectly. Learn what balanced tension looks like, how to achieve it and how to troubleshoot tension problems. You will receive a basic maintenance kit including the correct oil and grease for your machine and a few simple tools. You will also learn about valuable sources and support groups for sewing machine maintenance. Bring your sewing machine, the manual if you have it, and the screwdriver that came with the machine or a multibit screwdriver. If you do not yet have a machine you can practice on one of mine. Please submit a photo of your machine when you register so we can be sure to have the resources you may need. This workshop will not tackle computerized or recent machines.